Brown tires

My girl is building up a mixte and we’re trying to lay hands on some brown tires.
The closest we can find are Grand Bois 30-622 (no idea what that means…) but thought I’d try here for some help.
she’s got a look for the build in her mind and it’s coming together. White frame, Brooks B17 saddle, Brooks grips, sweet fenders… the missing link is tires.

Any suggestions?

Think Fyxation have brown tyres

Brown as in brown tread? Pretty sure Fyxation did brown tyres, but with a white sidewall.

Not sure about all brown.

Also, 622-30 is the size. They’re 30c tyres (as in 23, 25, 28, 30 etc).

Schwalbe fat frank!


Many thanks folks - some options to go back to the builder with!

I like Fyxation tyres. Keep in mind that they are wider than their size indicates - eg; 28 is more like a 30…or 32.

Doesn’t look like they do their wide range of bright colours anymore.


also this as well, saw it a while ago!
Gran Compe SS 700c clincher tyre (brown) - $45.00 : Track Supermarket - NJS/Keirin track/fixed gear bikes, frames, and parts from Japan

fak my computer skills, why do no pictures work!