Brunswick Free Ride

You idiots, they aren’t disc wheels. They are a revolutionary new hub holding the rims in place by way of superconductors…

All in good fun lad’s

Best Regards.

Who is that directed too pal?

By the way, we have a URL function under your forum profile so you don’t have to spam your link in posts.

Don’t forget, scorn, disinterest and ridicule around here is the highest form of praise and endorsement there is … I know you didn’t come yelling and shouting about this event … I don’t think any of the other BFRs were mentioned here, and the event doesn’t seem to be suffering as a consequence. Nice postering on Lygon St by the way, have a good ride yo~

That would be directed at you Shortsie.

im just not sure how “Blocking Traffic” and pissing people off is doing anything for cycling, thats why i called you douchebags.


Oh and by the way, i hope you get Rekas permission to use his artwork on your shitty tshirts

Aaaaw jeah! Shits poppin’ off fo’ real fo’ sho. You keep stepping to these off brand bitches Shortsie, and we’ll bring the noise. And also the ruckus.

do public rides need an agenda? on the one hand you’ve got
‘if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s CM’
on the other
‘we’re just going for a ride yo~’
starts in an hour
still interested :slight_smile:

You’re trying too hard.

yellow card on spud for pasting in a pm into a thread

on the other hand, ‘an object at rest cannot be stopped’ - what happens if no-one gives a shit? :slight_smile:

That quote was from his wordpress.

And, ‘an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon’… so maybe we should stop caring indeed :smiley:

Anyone got a ride report yet?

Northern Cliche DOUCHES

Well, maybe you should have quoted him properly.

Good ride … well … slow. A bit like CM without the CM.

Good house party afterwards. Nice space … good sounds. woop woop

What’s your excuse?

You were there …



Well, I guess thats that then.