Brunswick Free Ride

not my gig, posting fyi, seen posters up around brunswick today (and at the greatest little LBS, commuter cycles)

anyone here attend the last one? any good? was it all ‘we’re smashing the state woo!’ or just a cruisy cruise?

i thought riding was already free?

You’re paying somehow, you just don’t know it!

Is this;

a) free as in you don’t have to pay
b) free as in you can ride where you want without direction
c) freeride as in pseudo-downhill type course
d) brunswick free as in the ride doesnt go through brunswick

need moar info, or should i just turn up and see?

Maybe it’s free as in for free settlers only. Like the old ‘Free Schools’

i.e. No convicts.

you forgot e) free as in freewheel only, ie no fixies. No soup for you, two months!
and f) free as in beer
g) free as in speech
h) free as in BV don’t get $50 off everyone in exchange for $15 tshirts. ducks

There’s a blogspot page.

I only brought it up because it’s nice to see an anatomically correct bicycle on a flyer/poster once in a while.

a fixie too! not sure about the disc wheels front and rear though.

sounds like Critical Mass in sheeps clothing to me.


Transparent disc wheels at that, you can see the chain/crank through them, could this be the next big thing?

I know I’m asking for trouble here but I think the graphic designer left the spokes out as an artistic license. Image is less cluttered - or maybe they just couldn’t draw three cross properly? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well from the blogspot pics it’s not clear if they were getting up in that cop’s face or if he was just shepherding them off the road ‘for their own safety’. There’s no info about whether or not it’s a legal ride, ie at a reasonable pace and no moar than two abreast, or if it’s more like the crawling shambolic headless lovecraftian horror we all know and love.


They haven’t painted the flyer on every bike path in town yet though.

I know and i do not love, the opposite in fact

Cale, Sam and I once left Sams place with some longnecks in our hands, and we turned onto Albion St when this was going on. Just heaps of dudes on bikes, with beer and music.

I don’t have much more to say… it was neither here nor there.

i will ride this if they hand out front and back disc wheels for me to ride at the meet

via Myspace

28/03/2009 6:00 PM at BRUNSWICK FREE RIDE - The Streets of Brunswick
Starts @ Cnr of Piera and Lygon Sts, East Brunswick, Burn City, Victoria 3056
Cost: FREE!! Bring your bicycle, dress fancy and ride through the streets of Brunswick with us! A great social event that raises awareness of the importance of cycling as an alternative to motor vehicles. Finish with a party at a secret location! Live performance by Hugo + Joss feat. Carlos and his bike of wonders as well as DJs Kel-Cam-Gus and Ming The Merciless. Yay!

Burn City eh? :roll:

via Wordpress

Pump your tires bitches! It’s time to block some more traffic. The Brunswick Free Ride is on again, if you missed the last one peep some photo’s here The word on the streets of btown is that the ride will end up at the Brunswick velodrome (see figure a.) where some local bands will be performing musics of sorts (figure b.), also some drink of the alcoholic variety will be served (figure c.). Not much info to pass on yet as the organizers just sent me this promo pic, stay tuned tho.

block more traffic … btown … what?

Come to meee … the stench is merely proof of my trans-dimensional magnificence … you reel in horror and faint because your puny human senses cannot tolerate my splendour … hissing kkkkhhhhh

Make some ghettospokes out of cardboard?

Burn City, Victoria 3056

who the fuck are these people?


This ride gets

and I know what to put on the disks now …