brunswick madison (22nd Sept)

more info here:


of course, what both nath and i neglect to mention is the cheap beer at the DISC bar.

and the guys at padre told me today they will be offering spot prizes for particular sprints.

coffee, aeropress, and sarcasm.

i want to win some sarcasm.

I think you’ve got it already, you don’t need more.

spewin,would love to watch but will be in japan.who are you partnered with m8?

brunswick captain and all round pretty boy ben ladner. he was the one with the sweet hillman pursuit frame and the not so sweet happy pants on sunday…

I’ll ride out there for a sticky beak.

true,I recognized him as coach when phils not about on Sundays! That hillman was sweet.gotta smash rapido,it’s becoming a too regular thing for them winning.


though the competition will be fierce again this time. those two blokes coming down from bendigo (team belgium, i think) are pretty serious madison riders. and team germany were set to win the first madison this year before ladner’s ex-partner crashed into one of them and took him out.

and of course, everyone should watch out for team handsome…

rumour has it there may be coffee up for grabs for spectators too…

and padre coffee is pretty much the best around.

i still have some left from the roller derby,i had a kilo!,they were generous and friendly cats…and i,m almost out . :wink:

bump. this tuesday night!

the padre guys were down last week, and have perfected the mocking tone which will no doubt be a highlight of their commentary.

I might swing around after band prac - so the actual madison starts at 9?

around about, yeah. and will take a bit over an hour.

are there any races before 9?
or just some good quality warm up to be entertained by?

There’s lots of races before 9 - regular Tuesday night A,B,C and D grade races.

and E and F grades!

also, if you wanna go really early - like 6.30pm - the juniors are really fun to watch.

I’m making signs… anyone who wants to torment brendan please see me at the track :smiley:

i believe a few others may have a similar plan nikcee…

there will be others worth tormenting, you know. for example, jarred moroni from team belgium used to have “i piss excellence” written on his bike. sean “the man” hurley is a bona fide metalhead! and my team-mate benny ladner recently shot himself in the hand with a nailgun. make up signs about those guys, jerks!


hope the roof don’t leak…