Brunswick St Cycles Rumour

Heard this yesterday:

The original owner of Brunswick St cycles has been booted out. Apparently it was ugly. Some of the staff have quit over it and are calling for a boycott of the store (i.e. not to buy stuff from there).

Anyone know anything more about this situation?


oh no. they’re the only place i know that has the shoes i want.

Alright to be honest, i knew there had been dramas there a little while ago amongst staff, causing a few staff to quit over the job. This all happened a few months ago, and to my knowledge all the staff seem to currently be happy whether they have moved on or are still working there.

I have been dropping in almost once a week to catch up and have never seen anything out of the ordinary. As far as i can see the workshop seems to be working the best i have seen in a while after talking to Shane, and Peter seems to be running the sales floor quite well.

Every workplace has there issues…so what. As long as the store provides good customer service, great product range relatively good prices blah blah i see no reason to boycott it. As far as i am concerned i will still be a loyal customer to BSC.

PS just cause i get good deals at BSC does not mean i have to say the “right things”

Ah-hem, I’m always rather envious of your ‘staff’ discount… :evil:

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I’m confused.
How can the staff boot out the owner?

Is this some kind of twisted Labour Unionist method I haven’t heard of?

Get me a frame Damoh :wink:


I don’t see the fascination with this store. I used to go in there a lot but after such terrible customer service on several occassions I have stopped going there.

And Damoh is right, shit like this happens everywhere, if you still like their service then so what.

I’ve never purchased anything from BSC

(although I have from the Elizabeth St store, where i got decent service)

but i have heard of a few people being quite unhappy and refusing to give them anymore of their business… I always thought they had quite a good reputation, no?

The guys out in the workshop seem an alright bunch but as far as the front of the store goes I’ve had nothing but shitty service from people who don’t seem to know what they are talking about or tell me shits in stock over the phone only to then tell me they don’t stock it once I’ve ridden to the bloody shop. They’ll need to get their act together to win me back as a customer befor I can boycott it.

never personally had an issue at any of the bsc stores.
theyve always been able to order stuff in for me if needed (particularly mtb product)
and any work theyve done on any of my bikes has always been top notch.