Bryce or Zion national parks for MTB in Utah?

A mate is going to Utah as part of a big USA trip and is wondering which of the national parks, out of Bryce Canyon or Zion, is better for Mountain Biking? Nothing extreme, just general trail duties (ie Not the redbull rampage site!)

I only know people that have been to Moab - just wondering if anyone has any info/wisdom they can impart?


Even if Bryce has the mtb of moab, and Zion has nothing, I’d still go and hang out in Zion. Its that much better.

Bryce Canyon is tiny in comparison to Zion. The landscape is very different in both places though - as far as a unique place to ride, you can’t go past Bryce.

If I were to be doing more than just riding though - Zion is my pic of the two and one of the best national parks I visited.

As for riding in Moab - the best thing to do is hit up The Whole Enchilada trail. It was the best day on a bike I have ever experienced and is a must. It is a 55km decent that takes you through There are a few companies that offer shuttles to the top of the trail and there are a few shops that hire out high end bikes. I did it on a Yeti SB66 from this place:

Trail info:

Whilst I was out riding for the day - my wife checked out Arches National Park which is just outside of Moab.

Here is some terrible footage from my ride in Moab.

EDIT: Well the first 40 seconds before we find ourselves in Whistler.