Bucket lists.

After reading the resolutions lists I was wondering if anyone had ever made any bucket list activities?

I recently made a small list that included:
Run through a cornfield at night.
Throw a petrol bomb.
Be driven across town bundled into the boot of a car.

Also does anyone have any they’ve actually completed?
It was always a dream of mine to read a book while on an epic train journey, something I did a few years ago in NZ.

smuglord did this to me in tassie, cannot recommend, even tho was a Skoda wagon.

I kidnapped a friend and took him to his surprise 18th party tied up and blindfolded in the boot of a car. Was good for us…

On topic: I’ve got a bunch of places I want to ride. Unfortunately they’re all far away and expensive to get to

To do all of them at once might be too expensive and/or too much travel, but you could start with the ‘easiest’ and over the years, work through them to finally achieve your bucket list.

Yeh, that’s what I was thinking, but even then they’re all really far away, like Scandinavia and Canada

I got a Lonely Planet ‘Epic Bike Rides of the World’ book for my birthday, just to remind me of all the places I’m never going to be able to visit.

never went to the drive-in?

Well played.

Everywhere in the world is basically a day away via a flight or two or three.

Following @rmdub makes me want to offroad tour Chile/Bolivia/Peru. And also keen to tour the jungles of Uganda/Rwanda.

But with little kids and limited funds I’m focusing on exploring places closer to home. NZ has some truly epic trails, the South Island particularly—Old Ghost Road, Heaphy, Nydia, Whites Bay, Whakamarina, Craigieburn, Mt Pisa… the list goes on! To be honest have a good ten years of riding ahead of me without the need to travel more than a day.

If I was still in Australia I’d be setting my sights on riding Mawson’s Trail, Tassie and the Alps.

Pretty much me too on all those points, except for Rwanda and Uganda.
I’ve got a few good trips near home lined up this year, and the Munda Biddi when I head back to Perth and Albany for Christmas with the family.

Or snuck on a car ferry

I’m in Canada now, I went via L.A then NY now in Whistler, Vancouver is now a direct flight from Melbourne so even easier.