Buderim 9 hills challenge

So we have some great climbers on here and guys that love to hurt.
So why not have a crack at this.
Cerebal palsy is a charity very close to me and this is a tough lot of hills.
My old boy rides down from noosa and often does this for training on his own.

I might have a crack at it in a couple of weeks to see how i go.

check it out here Buderim9 Challenge

heres the course map.
Buderim 9 in Chevallum, Australia | cycling Map | MapMyRide
They have left out some of the crazy hills so its not as bad as i thought, theres a couple of climbs around there with 20% +

I could see myself getting involved in this

I am interested in subscribing to your newsletter.

I have a place for people to stay in Noosa and drive down

So this is on this Saturday,
Any one keen to come up for a ride

I think I might have moving to do but we’ll see what happens

You own bikes and some clothes, How long does that take to move?

I will probably help Ali move her stuff also, seeing as how we’re ‘moving in’ you know ‘together’,

Poor girl! I hope shes prepared.