Budget Pista Track Bike.

Ive never been really good at doing a build thread so here goes.

Picked this frame up cheap from a buddy of mine, new never been built up.

Plan is to build a budget track bike that id like to use out at Veledrome in the warmer months.
So ill be hunting all the bargains.

How’s it going finding parts for this build man?

Well I got the bike put together ready for SOTB. Ive called it the BITSA.

Cost me less than $100 as is.
Fork from this forum
Front wheel from RMIT bin. (Needed a true, QR and tube replaced)
Rear wheel and cranks from hard rubbish Reid
$5 headset LBS
$7 chain LBS
Swap meet bar n stem. Thanks Luke

Certainly dont need to spend big bucks to have fun. Ive ridden it out to Packer park and did some laps then took it to Coburg yesterday.

Good job, way to getter done. You could probs take to that rear wheel with some acetone and rub that green paint back to silver hey, but yeah, ride on

Nah, keep the green. It’s not far off “AYHSMB Green”, which is a classic choice for a mismatched rear wheel.

oh man AYHSMB…i’d forgotten about that. So funny. Good build.

Wheels are temporary until I dig something else up.
I would like to change the bars to something wider. Ive look at many track bars and still need to fins something I like.
Picked up a Bespoke 49t from Dan as well so a fresh drive train will double the cost of my Bitsa.

How wide are bars you have?
I’m generally on lookout for narrower than what I have (~40cm)

Think they are ~40cm. Picked up some 42cm but thinking id like something a little wider again.

Swapped it up a bit for Spring Cat Last night
Suginos and Brev ring
New front tyre
Cheap Giant seat

Im really enjoying riding and swapping parts on this bike.