BUFFET expo!! Melbourne. This weekend.

Buffet is the first tradeshow and public expo in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to Streetwear//Sneakers//Contemporary Style & fungus//Design//T-Shirts//Accessories and much more. In addition to an industry tradeshow taking place on Friday 26th February 2010 and a free Public Expo & Marketplace running across Saturday 27 and Sunday 28th February 2010, Buffet also serves up a kickass launch party; a series of 4 Discussion Forums featuring international and local guest speakers; and other side events. Click through this site for a full overview.

Anyone fixed.org members going to make it along to this? I am sure Mr Hans DC will be in attendance and no doubt some others. I will defs be there. We’re bringing Gear Brisbane to the south. Friday is just for exhibitors trade but the weekend is open to the public. I know we are bringing along stock to display/sell including bikes/bags/clothing. I am sure there will many bargains to be had with all the other exhibitors. If your coming make sure you come say hello!

Open to public Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th February.
Its being held at ‘The Factory’ 500 Latrobe Street, Melbourne.

For more information see.


sounds ace
i’ll be there

will there be a free buffet?

warren buffet?

jimmy buffet?

Buffet the Vampire Slayer?

oh. i was thinking like Smorgys only 100 times bigger

Dare to dream.
Dare to dream.

:smiley: First thing I thought was a trip to Margartaville!

I’m keen to go and have a look.
Is there a list somewhere of who will be have stalls/exhibits?

EDIT!! yes there is:

What are the hours of opening for this thing?
Either I’m blind, or these forward thinking designers are too hip to let anyone know.

Dunno aye. Business hours :? maybe a 9-5

YESSS! new sig

Fuck yeah, i get to collect all the crap left behind when everyone leaves, i build these exhibitions and pull em down, free “streetwear” for me

some idiot there is going to try and convince me those super expensive Visvim magical forrest elf shoes are actually ok, aren’t they?

Hi Gypo

I am still down here - if I get time on the weekend I will swing through and say high.

Thanks for the heads up.

yep yep … a day before my birthday I’m there mos def

Currently stopped at Goulburn. Just finished my 4 hour stint behind the wheel! sleepy times ahead, can’t wait til we get into Melbourne!

just dropped some extra furniture free of charge if you want it into stand 23 (gear shop)

your drive is about to get a whole lot more boring.

Fuck I the wordfilter sometimes. It’s going to be a busy day!