Read a few articles and am thinking of building one. Has anyone else had a crack?
also need to know if anyone knows a good place to source caron fibre fabric?? or also a frame jig to boorow so i dont have to build one. CHeers

You could contact this bloke for some help:,5650.0.html

I was just about to post that…

more pics.

Have a chat with the guys at:

635 Queensberry St
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
(03) 9329 0111‎

They supply glass and carbon fabric, all the resins/catylists, rollers/brushes, fabric to squeeze out resin, and lots of other gubbins. I went in there one quiet afternoon and they had plenty of helpful advice and suggestions for one of my projects. Not sure if they do any pre-preg but if you are back-yarding it then baking in the kitchen oven may not be the best plan!

Do pre preg.
Cleaner and cheaper and easier for someone that doesn’t like sticky things.
Have built carbon frames before so can point you to suppliers.
PM me.

carbon or bamboo for you