Building a "cost a bomb" track/commute bike

Was thinking of building a bike just for fun. Flame me or encourage me, be my mom or dad or granny or whoever and give some constructive comments. The parts I’m thinking of are:

S-Works Langster Frameset 07 Black

Dura Ace: Track Crankset
Track BB
HB-7600 Large Flange
Velocity Deep V
Brake Calipers

Shimano Brake Levers
DT Swiss Competition Spokes
Deda Newton Stem/Handle Bar
Selle San Macro Saddle

Might or might not cost a bomb to some. No particular usage for it before build, might have particular usage for it after built.

Will go for a roadie if too much negative comments I guess. Shall see how things goes. :mrgreen:


I suppose you mean R600 drop bar levers. Fuck that…

And my opinion? Why are you building a $10,000* track bike when you don’t know what you’re going to do with it? Get a road bike, or a SS mountain bike, or a BMX, or…


Build something vintage.

It’s far more satisfying to track down rare and/or old bits* and pretty up a piece of history.

(*even with ebay to help)

Forget the bike I’ve got 3 things I’m gunna burn you about k?:

1/ We are in Australia mate, we say “mum”, not “mom”.

2/ “Might or might not cost a bomb to some”. What are you related to the Packers?!!!

3/ “Will go for a roadie if too much negative comments…”. Why would someone in their right mind chose what type of bike they ride based on other peoples feedback?

Enough of that though, for sure you should build it, if only so i can ride a trackie that burnt such a hole in someones pocket.

P.s. Good joke though, we all gotta have dreams eh?

if money were no object, then get a custom frame.

Vintage sux, “live in the now man, the now!”. I hate vintage for the very reason of having to track down shit from e-bay. Like 27inch standard wheels, what the fuck is wrong with 700c?

Thinking of a little carbon fibre road conversion project as we speak.

just buy the S-Works track bike without wheels and put your own on it and brakes.

it sounds like money’s no object if you’re thinking about doing this.

the ready to go track bike is $6,000. Le Tour have two of em in stock

To Capo,

Wow … there’s so many issues to address with this thread …

OK. There’s nothing wrong with building a bike just for the fun of it … even if it’s going to cost a bomb. But it still must have a purpose. Built up bikes that don’t get used are SAD SAD SAD things.

I also think you can do ALOT better and for cheaper than a Langster. Custom was mentioned before and I think it is a very good option at the price range you are looking at.

Finally, the nature of your post looks like you’re looking for people to help justify building this thing. The problem with that is we are not you. We don’t understand your financials, your riding style, your intented use of the bike, what you look for in a bike etc etc etc. If you asked something like “How do you think the langster will handle on the street?”, we might be able to help you. Otherwise, you’re not going to get very useful help on this thread.


This helps alot than most comments from anyone.