Building wheelset

But, I heard you don’t need a lockring on the track. At least that’s what all the bike shops said. :wink: hahahah

“Mavic Ellipse Track Wheel”

bet they have a French threaded lockring…

so if your going to get them check they come supplied with one, or you may find it takes a while to track one down if you need one for the road… (and probably it will be from overseas)

also I’m not sure if they have an “Intended for” brake surface on the rim… which may be required by some for road usage.

good wheels though, if they fit your requirements…

*the above comments were just a bit slower than Snowflakes reply… Damn French Lockrings…

**and ndf’s too… Damn bike shops…

These are for fuck’n track, 32 spoke velocitys with formula hubs, you can’t go wrong. Shit I’ve got some formulas with sun rims that came off a Kona P-wagon that would be better, MAKE AN OFFER!!!

What Des said and them some…

Are they silver? I’d be Interested if so, but I’m guessing that they’re black.

Yeah, they’re black everything. Except where the anodisation has rubbed off the rim from the rim brakes. They’ve done about 50k’s and some of those K’s were done in the rain hence the loss of anodisation.

my LBS must like me.
they told me the velocity’s are closer to $300

DAMN which LBS??? They dont like u but love u :S

I called up Abbortsford a couple of weeks ago, and for a built up rear velocity they quoted $200.