Bulk tube patches

Anyone know where I can buy a big pack of tube patches, say 20 or more, and preferably the small round ones?I can only find those small assorted kits but I never need the big ones



Abbotsford cycles sell them in sheets

Lonsdale st Cyclery

CRC - free postage at the moment, buy a few packs. Probably not the cheapest patches, but im a fan. My mates had some cheapo ebay ones and they sucked.

or abbotsford.

sheets of 8 tiny patches, around 5c ea.

stock up on glue too.

^are they any good? The only time I used glueless was a few years ago with some Lezyne ones. They sucked big time. They would just blow up like a balloon and leak

damnit, walk away, all the posts.

don’t use glueless, they let go in time.

2nd that used park glueless to check them out. worked fine initially but then one started leaking and I found it impossible to remove the patch and either re-apply a park or use a glued patch. ended up throwing out the tube.

also 2nd abbotsford have used their patches and they worked fine

I buy these:

24 Puncture Repair Inner Tube Tyre Patches Rema TIP TOP Bicycle Bike CAR Glue | eBay

I find glueless are good as an emergency ‘get-you-home’ type thing and do double duty as a tyre boot so i carry a couple in my tool roll.

but i have had very limited success with them lasting for a long time. so for a reduction in cost and increase reliability (learning to fix your own puncture should be mandatory) go with the classics.

+1 on abbotsford sheets of patches. i have accumulated enough glue to last me for a while thanks to various ‘patch kits’ ive been given.

Got me home the other week when one spare failed and the other had too short a valve. No good for permanent repairs though.