Bumbag / fanny pack / belt bag

not racing, more thinking about future proofing. ie i like not having a backpack and may want to use it in warmer weather where i lll need more water.

a bottle in the cage and one in the pack (bontrager) is definitely enough though

im pretty torn, i feel like both options would be viable.

need to see the rapid pack in person.

Yeah like Rolo said I do a couple of these bad bois. Got a new one in development that’ll have two removable side bottle pockets too. They’re probably gonna be up for a pre-release sale tonight (to ship late next week). Not the largest internal capacity (about 2L), but lots of saddle clearance and spots to clip things on. If there are other features you want, hit me up and they may make it into the final release, too!

Mods hit me up if you don’t want me spruicking my own stuff xoxo

hazza! your creating some rad stuff mate :smiley: kudos!

Afer inspecting the bontrager in person i ended up with that. It ticks the boxes for me.

cheers FOA

Its only been one ride but I reckon im converted.

Super nice not having anything on the back while riding, especially when it starts to get rough while descending.

Sure enough the one bottle was all I needed, maybe used 2/3s of it, there were a few times I was reaching for a mouth piece, but I just delayed it a little and planned a few drink stops on my route instead

The only other thing I noticed is when pedalling up, there was noticeable movement but I think that’s more because I have it low on my hips.

All in all, pretty stoked.

Cheers @lambchop!

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I love a happy fanny pack story.

Fixed that for you.

20 char.

Pretty good aren’t they…

Like I said up there ^ I don’t think I’ll ride with a pack again unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I noticed mine sort of moving about as well initially and just put it down to having something foreign bouncing about on my hips, now I have it cinched up pretty tight up around the waist (above the hips) and I don’t even notice it any more.

One thing to take care with is to make sure you replace the cap tightly on the bottle after a drink, because when you hit a rock garden and don’t really want to/can’t stop, the feeling of water splashing over your lower back makes for an uncomfortable balance of the ride.

And right on queue a review of 10 different models appears.


i do still like the dakine/evoc, id probs keep my eyes peeled and try and grab one for cheap when/if they go on sale.