Bumbag / fanny pack / belt bag

After my ride last week it got me thinking about how much i actually need to carry for my regular loop.

I feel like the 2.5L camelbak is more than i need for the 25km loop, so was wondering if i can get away with a bumbag instead.

im thinking 750ml bidon or 1L bladder would be enough, then just a tube/toolkit/phone/key/cliff bar

FOA thoughts / recommendations??

Currently looking at the Evoc hip pack, dakine hot laps, and the camel back LR4

Could hit up @Lemontime and see if he could do something? He’s been posting bumbag stuff on his Hungry account on insta lately…?

maybe a bit more $$ than the others, but handmade and local etc.


What bike is it for? Potential for two bottles? Do you wear a cycling jersey?
25km isn’t that far and there are some good options for carrying stuff on your bike these days.

Out of all of those options, they all have their positives and negatives - I would go with the one where the water sits closest to the back.

didnt even know he was doing this! dannggg ill hit him up. cheers rolu

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well my only mtb is the niner, so only the 1 set of bidons on the downtube. I reckon a 750ml bottle would be sufficient.

i wear TLD mtb jersey, so no real pockets like a roadie/xc jersey.

yeah, i agree 25k / 400mm vert isnt bad at all, specially in winter.

im gonna pop into a store to check em out

cheers ezy

Another option…

No room for a bottle on my bike so I’ve resorted to one of these

I recommend, I don’t think I’ll ride with a pack again unless it’s in the height of summer and I’m going somewhere where I don’t know I can refill.

nice one! tube on the bike ?

Nope, pockets are stretchy so I can fit a tube (thick 29"), snake bandage in one side with my phone, and a triangle bandage with all the hard items on the other, nothing on the bike apart from a Oneup EDC tool.

i’m a convert to these + the pump, $$$ but man does that pump move some air!!

i also ride with a bumbag now but i’ve only been out a couple times, i like it so far, it’s a dakine camo one but now i hear harry lemonlime is doing bumbags i’m having second thoughts

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I’ve been the happy owner of a Macpac Module canvas bum bag for about 15 years. I use it almost every day for general use to carry wallet, jacket, do some small shopping (over the shoulder), and regularly commute with it (as a bum-bag to carry lunch in etc).

It doesn’t have the features of a bike specific one (just one big compartment), but it’s great for a longer ride when I want to carry waterproof gear, food, an extra bottle or two, tools etc. It’s fairly big - maybe 8-10 litres? (Also a good multi-pitch climbing pack.)

The canvas is fairly water resistant - keeps my stuff dry on a wet commute into work - and it’s super durable. Big 10mm YKK zipper so you can pack it really hard without fear of busting it (I pushed 6 cans of beer into it on my ride home tonight on top of some clothes I had to bring home to wash). 15 years in and no wear at all.

Mine is like this:


I’ll be bringing in the Bottle Pod from Miles Wide Industries soon


Yeah, mine has the pump as well, such a good idea, just wait until the Specialized law dept get wind of it and put the mockers on it.

Henty also get pretty good wraps if that’s more your style.

Edit: was supposed to quote Zach not myself, me be struggling…

I haven’t seen this one - that looks perfect. Nice pocket for the bottle in the centre, looks like those pockets are elastic so they will hold everything tight and close.

The last thing you want is things flapping about everywhere when you’re on the bike on some rough trails. I might look into this for a summer second bottle option.

If the main thing is fitting a 2nd bottle and the frame doesn’t have proper braze ons, try these:

I’ve used them for more than a year on my cotic (also only one bottle cage Mount) with no problem.

Add in a top tube or snack bag attached to the bars/stem and you don’t have to carry anything!

why not braze entire trough onto bars, hassle free feed bagging. fill with baked beans etc.


cheers fellas

currently tossing up between the Dakine hot laps 5L and Lambchops’s suggestion of the Bontrager Rapid Pack

just trying to decide if i want to stick to a bladder or if id be happy with a bottle

If you are sticking to that 25km mark – you only will ever really need 2 bottles. I’d go with the Bontrager!

its not so much the water amount, more the whole stopping to pullout and insert the bottle, vs riding with one hand and using the bladder mouth piece…small thing …but still!

Are you racing?

Stop and smell the flowers, take a sip + stay hydrated!

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