BUPA Around the Bay


My mums boss has registered for the around the bay ride on Sunday but he lives in Perth and isn’t going to be making it so he gifted it to me.
Is anyone here doing the ride this weekend and any good tips from past riders??

According to what I could get out of mum on the phone yesterday, he registered for the 210km ride.
I haven’t received the starter pack yet so just wondering if you know if he would have already registered his average speed group or if that gets done on the day.



I’m doing the 100km ride. I nominated my average speed when I registered.

Come and say hello if you see me. I’ll be the guy in the Round the Bay in a Day bib knicks.

Also, Im pretty sure you need to collect your starter pack depending when you registered. I got a letter saying I need to go tomorrow or saturday or something to Alexandra gardens.

There better be a fucking sausage sizzle.

yea he registered for the 210 km O.O
i figured that would have to happen. well because he registered awhile ago he got the pack sent to him and i just have to collect my jersey on the day.
will do man, if you see me, i will be the crazy bastard on the green and pink bike =p


i’m planning on riding bout 180km with a mate who is riding melb > sorrento > melb. (don’t tell anyone i haven’t paid $170 for the privilege).

weather-wise, i very much wish it was on today.

Oh if it was only on today.

So so glorious!!

Some interesting stuff going on up at the Alexandra Gardens site. Stage being set up, lots of stalls with discount goodies from tours to gels and bikes and kit and sunnies.

No sausage sizzle though.


1 point penalty for no beer, 6 point penalty for no sausage sizzle.

Hey! I rode with Peter for most of it, kept bumbing in to him. I have to say I was quite unimpressed with the organisation of the event. Not enough stalls along the way, seemed to be quite a scarcity of official places to quickly get water/bars/powerade/little things like tubes etc. They completely fucked the end and almost got us lost. No sausage sizzle blah blah. Overall, almost ride though. Burned some roadies, good victory skids. Good day. Nice to meet you, Peter. Race needed more fixies.

I was driving back from Mornington on Sunday, and spotted an orange fixed gear with white aerospoke(s) spinning along with a group of roadies - Anyone here?


Race Ride whatever same thing, some people race some people cruise. Get your pedantic panties outa here.

It was a really good day but the finish was a little interesting.
Poor signage and no clear route :confused:
Hope to see some guys from here riding next year :smiley:

Aeons just thought he was missing out on something…

A few blokes at work are talking about getting a team together for next year…probably remains to be seen if it happens, but I have registered my interest.

We should get a fixed team going.