Busted by a Bianchi

I regularly ride with a couple of mates and since October last year they have managed to get me riding fixed. Fortunately:confused: they love to dish out massive servings of pain every single time we ride so that our commute is always a slogfest.
Every now and again i get chatting to other riders on the road and it soon becomes apparent that they have encountered my mate on his Bianchi Pista, busting his ass so that he can kick theirs.
Just curious, who else out there has encountered this experience?
He rides in from the eastern suburbs via canterbury rd and home via mont albert/maroondah with a very flat riding style.
I’m sure it will be comforting to know others get a taste of the pain!


Equally confused???

You wondering if any of us have ‘encountered’ your mate on his Bianchi?

Yeah, I just found it funny the amount of people i’ve met and spoken to on my rides home that have encountered this nutter on his Bianchi spinning like a trooper.

Impressive none the less

yeah, i think i saw him once…

I saw him once, I was busting my ass yet he totally licked me. It was quite an encounter and I sure got to taste the pain!

The thing I remember the most was his unusual flat riding style…

This is great.

I remember a man on a bianchi.

If it’s the guy that always wear a world champs jersey, I see him regularly.

It’s called a recumbent.

Do you mean the guy that rides with another awesome guy on a white All City (me)? He has no off switch. Plenty of loose screws though.

A wise man once told me “If your going in the same direction, it’s a race”…

Or maybe he’s just a real sucker for pain?

A wise man once told me, “if you want to race, pin on a number.”

yeah, but then you cant turn left up a side street “cause that’s your way home”