buying a jersey.

Hey folks,

Looking to get the father in law a nice jersey, wondering which site would be ideal?

He is keen for something Tour de frane’ish, any help would be appreciated!

Cheaper preferred.


Rapha still have sale on the special tour jerseys I think it ends tonight though.

I’m led to believe he’s after something flamboyant, the more pokerdots/brightcolours/teamnames the better…

Ahh the euro peacock style…
No poka dots unless he’s a gun climber, it’s asking for trouble other wise…

TBE at Belmont has a heap of TDF Team Jerseys for sale/reduced. Go have a look!

cheers lads, the old fella found one himself at bikeforce, will just grab that, disregard thread.

Even if he is a gun climber, he aint gonna be enough of a gun to justify it. IMO it would be better to wear it if he was obviously shit at climbing.
Just like how moderately good club level climbers should race in green.

maybe i will hyjack thread if you are finished,
i bought some entry level gear about 3yrs ago to start cycling more (knicks/shoes/helmet/gloves) and as its all wearing out i am replacing with better quality stuff need new knicks want the bib style.It seems i missed the boat with Andy/fyxo (sent him an email almost begging, if anyone has an xl out there i will take) the gear one has a hot jersey but the white in the knicks just isnt me, have seen bottles &chains and that looks good any more recs? the nemisis kit reads well and seems the goods. hit me up?

Jerseys are totally a mater of preference to just how much of a peacock you wana look like or match your bike with but do your self a massive favor and buy good bib shorts!
Save some coin and get a pair of assos, castelli or rapha Bib shorts
Once you do you’ll be a much happier cookie!

I bought the Mavic shorts earlier this year and am very happy with those. As far as jerseys go I have a few of the Vintage Velos wool jerseys which are really comfortable ands with a vintage look that in my case matches the rider!

I just wear the kit of my sponsor, The Fitzroy Revolution™.

lol i wear a world champ road racing jersey, does that make me a peacock?

few ppl look at me like a twat, few riders try and push hard(this can lead to much fun), but meh idrc


Go to any op shop in Melb and buy him an Around The Bay jersey.

You and I differ on the definition of ‘save some coin’.

Just like going clipless, when you go bibs, you never go back.

it does come in handy when you always get the 3xl pair that the shop has on sale to get rid of.

I mean save up some extra coin and spend a bit on the good stuff

ive seen your knicks…and i’ll say it again nikki webster 2000 olympic games, opening ceremony.

They would be the same size hahahahha

My secret shame!

I’ve moved on from that: I now have an awesome kit from my sponsor, The Fitzroy Revolution™.