Buying Balls in Brisbane?

I’ve been to a couple of skate shops in the city and Rebel Sports but can’t seem to find them.
Should I go to a rink where they play roller hockey or something like that?

skate biz did have them, unsure if they still stock em… best order online azz. we need hot weather balls.

No Skate-Biz couldn’t help me.
I’ll buy some today from The Bay
Hot weather hey?

yeah dont rush into buying them. Jump on the BNE BIKE POLO facebook and ask which brand/model as i can’t remember what you guys are using at the moment.

This made me lol

Put some heat on them!!

Defo need heat resistant balls in QLD. Keeping them dry between games certainly helps. Plenty of ventilation is a good thing as well.

… the ventilation of balls in public can get one in quite a bit of trouble

Franklin reds or orange are pretty good. The reds are the hot weather balls, orange are mild: the orange are softer and bounce around less in the few weeks of “winter” that we receive. The brisbane surface is only suitable for heavier valls, lighter ones bounce around on the imperfections.Can be brought from bens cycles website. Apparently they are stopping making them. Mylecs are trash and will shatter at any temp, they are the ones that bounce aroun heaps. Avoid no name ones, they will shatter. The balls on Bike polo balls are meant to be the closest thing to the franklin ball, simon has ordered a dozen I think, see how they are when they arrive.


the green are effing wicked in the heat

Bike polo balls

the green are effing wicked in the heat. it was 35+ at the euros, and kept in water they were pretty good. got a bit squigly after 10mins, but that is the fate of polo balls in hot climes.

even though they are meant to be “the same as franklin” they fare much better and stay harder than the hot weather franklins, imo.

Bike polo balls

These D-Gel balls are excellent for temps over about 18C… which isn’t going to happen here in CHC 'till about November. They play more lively than Franklin reds in the heat but are way less bouncy than Mylec reds. I’ve got a few available - $10NZD for 2 + postage (usually $7 each) or get Ranga Dave to bring some back from Winter Whack ii and save postage.


^Oh. I am fail at reading the thread.

Enjoy! The pinks are FANCY.

Miss you all.

fark! there’d be few, if any, times that we’re unfortunate enough up here to play in temperatures below 18C

The D Gels are AMAZING. They have basically become THE go to ball for tournaments in NA.

In super hot weather you CANNOT ice them or they will crack, but you can just dunk them in some cool water and theyll be good to go again though. They are more heat resistant than the Franklin Reds (and much easier to get your hands on) so cooling them is less of an issue anway.

Brisbane should just grow a set…

going to try a minkey (little kids) hockey ball on the weekend. probably not ideal but you can get them from hockey shops so if you need one urgently then they are at least available somewhere

Hey BNE, did the D-gels arrive? Would welcome some feedback once you’ve had time to get familiar with them on court. Cheers.