Buying Bike gear in Europe.

I’m off to the continent on the weekend and while I’m there I’m looking to hopefully pick up some bargains. Most hopefully a new Campy groupset, or a new road frame. Does anyone know of good shops - preferably with vintage stock. I’m mainly lookjng to purchase in Vienna, Berlin, Rome and Milan.

Any heads up would be great

also heading out that way (london, berlin, amsterdam, paris) end of jan and was wondering if anyone could list a couple of good stores

you can do a bit of reading at these posts

thanks big block that should be helpful

I couldn’t get ‘big block’s’ link to work. :?

I’d go to in London for vintage.
Good prices on new stuff is best found online, with the big boys… CRC, wiggle, parker etc

it expired,
just type “bike shops” in the Threads search box and they are grouped by city

i am also planning on going to europe this year and those links would be very helpful. also does anyone know of any good rides do do while there?