BV Ride On Magazine "Tribes" Issue

Latest Ride On Mag issue:

Who are these guys? It’s weird because the article has an interview with Andy, yet these guys are modeling the front cover (with the Gonz pink bike) yet they never tell you who they are. Is it assumed I’m meant to know who these hipster cats are? I’m obviously not in the “tribe” I guess :expressionless:

They do name them inside somewhere, though they don’t get interviewed or anything inside. This pic is ‘the shark’… the pistadex will plunge now.

andy obviously wasn’t goodlooking enough for the cover.

guy in the pink is damon, who organizes bike polo and runs the urban bicyclist site.

other guy is campbell, who i met at that cab driver protest a while back. friend of gonz, apparenly. when we met he said he’d been riding fixed about three months.

Hey - I resemble that remark!

Half right, he does run that site. Damon it needs a redesign mate

… but visit for more information about MBP. alexofdoom (at) gmail runs polo. In as much as anyone can run a loose collection of cyclists engaged in a potentially injurious activity.

Good turnout on Sun, a great day and the rain held off …

Ha ha ha