C Record Engraved Delta Brakes NIB...


These will have to sell for a small fortune :-o

so rare! I don’t think I’d be game enough to pull it out of the box if I bought it.

This dude has put up some nice stuff recently. 50th group, cobalts, someone said a while ago that it’s one of the old shops from the city. I’d like to see what else lies in the shed :-o

Just a general question about the ebay section- are we allowed to post ‘bad’ ebay links, ie rip-off, novelty or hilarious parts? :slight_smile:

Snowflake says,

This forum is for posting of eBay links, bargains, pr0n, anything eBay related.

With this forum I declare no eBay posts elsewhere!

Errant eBay posts will be smited with great vengeance and without warning.

Rip-off, novelties or hilarious parts fit i guess :lol:

Like the infamous leather pants of a few years ago?

Good to hear! I’ll post up a funny one shortly… :mrgreen:

i bought my NOS super prestigew tomassini pista from ben. he’s been offline for a while, but always had great stuff. ex-europa stock?

1600 dorrah!!! And they’re lousy brakes.