C-Record Headset Help

okay, with the colnago, It came with a c-record century finish headset.

similar model.

I want to give it a service as it is not spinning as smooth as I would like. What tool will I need to adjust it and remove it? I’m thinking a big adjustable spanner? I don’t want to scratch it though…

There is a campy headset spanner, I’m sure other brands make them too, I use the spanner on the lower part and just a big adjustable spanner on the top part

Yeah I wouldn’t use a big spanner, I scratched up my the headset on my old ride tonnes with one of those. I’m sure there are campy specific tools you’ll need that won’t destroy it

yeh sweet, anyone have a link on where to buy the tool? I couldn’t find any with a google search…

Park Tools CW6 should work, shop monkeys are welcome to confirm/deny?


I measured the bottom square width and it is around 32mm. so I’m pretty sure the tool linked will work?

Coolies, thought so.
Just couldn’t check while I’m at work

As an aside, are you sure it’s Century finish? Most people use the term incorrectly to describe the normal highly polished, anodized C Record parts. The century stuff was quite rare and distinctly darker, like a grey satin.

well to me, it looks very similair, if not exactly like this.

Campagnolo C-Record Century headset , Italian threaded | eBay

BUT, in this link, it states there where 5 shades?

NOS Century Headset | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

That link is a what Century finish looks like. Kind of like a black chrome.

I don’t know about 5 shades. One flickr comment doesn’t make it an authorized source. Too much misinformation already exists about bike parts and we know quickly one wrongly quoted source becomes fact.

From what i was led to believe there was one century finnish and one graphite finnish (croce de jaun) that is a mix of record and chorus.
Did i spell any of that right.

dayne, your spelling of “if it’s not campy i don’t wanna know about it” was perfect, as always!

Italian ‘precision’ anodizing probably resulted in as many different shades as headsets made. :wink:

most century stuff i’ve seen (not that much, but a few items) have that mother of pearl, oil slick, rainbow look to them.

good examples here:

Oh the want.

Word !!

Not really but it made me laugh.

Tullio Campagnolo on the Croce De Aune Pass, 1927 It was during one of Tullio’s races as an amateur that he confronted a problem which often faced cyclists of those days – removing a wheel. On November 11th, 1927, with snow covering the roads of the Italian Dolomite mountains (that’s him in the photo, on that very day!), Tullio was riding over the Croce D’Aune Pass in the Gran Premio della Vittoria race and needed to remove his rear wheel to change gears (more on that below). Because the large wingnuts that held his wheel on had frozen and his hands were too cold to budge them, he was unable to remove his wheel to change gears, and lost his chance at victory that day.

As he struggled to free his wheel, he muttered five words to himself that changed the history of cycling:
“Bisogno cambiá qualcossa de drio!”

Those words (“Something must change in the rear!”) and that simple event – a wheel that couldn’t be removed – started Tullio thinking. He went back to his workshop, and emerged with the invention of the quick-release lever (in 1930) and, soon after, an early bicycle derailleur (1933).

I’m not sure if there ever was a Graphite finish Croce d’Aune groupset (It was one of the shortest in Campy production) but I have seen a few examples of the Chrous groupsets in Graphite finish … one just last week. Looked quite nice.