CAAD 4 - Cracked Rear Dropout

So after taking my cannondale CAAD4 Saeco frame to get built up, the mechanic found that that rear drive side dropout was cracked through. I’ve got pretty much nil idea about repairs, does this look like something that’s possible to fix without paying several hundred bucks? If so, does anyone know a place in Radelaide that could take care of it? Cheers everyone.


bin it.


Shit of a spot. Take it to a frame repairer but be prepared for either bad news or big $$. Shame, I love those older caads.

It can be fixed but it won’t be a viable option,
It will need re welding and grinding down then it will need baking to re heat treat the frame then re painting do I’d run a guess at $600 plus if you get lucky.
The guy to do it is Mal McPherson aka the frame doctor on the Gold Coast

Yeah considering I paid around the $200 mark for the frame, looks like its definitely not viable. Ah balls. Back to looking for frames. Hit me up if you’ve got a 52cm cannondale frame lying around! Cheers for the input guys, much appreciated.