CAAD10 track

Cannondale to launch CAAD10 track bike? |


Viviani’s been using a Slice TT converted to track for a while now hasn’t he?

Yeah the CAAD10 looks rad. Geo still looks pretty slack for a track rig yeah… rear is slammed and still heaps of clearance and the front, you could back 14 mack trucks through there!! Points for pro stem :slight_smile:

The slice is ok I suppose. Get a disk ya povo cheap skate

Here’s his worlds machine…

looks awesome.

God this looks good.

not made in USA though

I really couldn’t care TBH

nor i …where the hell is the black version.

I was wondering why you pointed out the not made in the USA thing when the lack of matt black is clearly more important ;p

That is fucking ugly.

I could fit my fist in between the front tyre and DT, just buy a reid/JRI

Drozzy - fisting bikes… Stay the hell away from my down tubes!

bar spinz for dayyyyyyzzzzzzzzzzzz

also probably MOAR betterer aerodymanics

This, less turbulent air following the tire around and getting jammed up against the downtube and narrow fork opening.

Says some bloke in some book I read.

or just fender and 45c tyre room…

I like the look of it but why so slack? Surely the production version ain’t gonna be like that…

Because it’s not really a track bike. It’s a CAAD10 Capo.

Dat gap :frowning: (not the good kind)

fwiw I really like it. Gaps no big deal & it can-does serve a purpose in terms of design and aerodynamics. I don’t have a wind tunnel to expound and take on you experts but it’s something a few have been playing around with over the years. Seen a lot of big gapped bikes ridden by Chris Hoy and also lots others built by yamaguchi over the years. Just another version or similar ideas.

Some of you kids are stuck in an era from when I could style my hair :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t mind the gap … the wheelbase is the same, the ride position (hands, feet, ass) is the same, just a different approach and a slightly different look to the norm. Not a bad thing … you don’t have to like it (these tings are subjective) but it also doesn’t have to mean it’s wrong.

So, I like what Cannondale have done here … looks cool imo :wink:

Fun fact about Hoy’s bike, they used a 1" steerer so they could make the HT smaller and more aero.