caad8 frame number?

I was cleaning my Caad8 and when removing some stickers I came across this under the frame size sticker. I did a bit of searching and haven’t been able to find any info. Anyone know what the significance of the number is?

Means it originally came with Sora I’m guessing, CDale use that number after the model to designate the groupset e.g. CAAD10 5 = CAAD with 105. The lower the number, the more higher-end the groupset.

Quick googling confirms zach’s theory.

Thanks guys, I was a bit confused because the bike actually came with a 105 groupset. Turns out the numbers a 1 and it’s a Caad 8 Optimo 1. Mystery solved!

You seem like a nice sensible guy/girl, caad, work horse groupset, you know getting the job right and without any extra frills or unnecessary luxuries. Now can you explain WHY THE FUCK you have white tyres?


They were cheap.

^^^ fishlips is spot on, they were super cheap. In my defence, the website said grey, I received white, and I immediately regret the decision not to send them back and sort out an exchange.

Grey is just as bad as any coloured tyre. Gumwalls are an exception and encouraged.