Cadel on SBS this Sunday

10:20pm Sunday 16th December

Cadel Evans: On Tour
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Time:Sunday, December 16, 10.20pm
Duration:30 minutes

This documentary explores the events in Cadel’s life that led him to becoming the first Australian in 104 years on the podium at the Tour de France.

And more cycling to follow

Cronulla International Cycling Grand Prix
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Time: Sunday, December 16, 12.30pm
Channel: Nine
Duration: 90 minutes
Type: Sport
Country: Australia

The 2007 Cronulla International Grand Prix will attract virtually every Australian Pro Tour rider, as they compete in the 40 kilometre event around the Sutherland Shire.

Would it be possible for someone to tape the 10.20pm show? I really don’t think I’ll be able to watch it at that time :oops:

No need to you didn’t miss out on anything it was crap.

Although it was worth it to see Robbie McEwen in his metro sexual outfit. :smiley:

I have it taped (I think).

Is it the same footage that screened during the TdF, showing him in his pastel argyle top by his Lotus Elise?

Cadel is on again this Sunday at 11.55am

followed by the UCI Track World Cup 2007