i’m coming around to cadel. he climbs like a singlespeeder, has a chin like two tiny buttocks, occasionally takes the piss out of himself and ain’t afraid to cry.


Big heart, small ego… wins in my book.

Read a good article today on Red Kite Prayer about the changes in Cadel since his world champs win. Good read.
Red Kite Prayer is a consistently good blog, IMHO.

interesting read. I hope his days as petulant dummy spitter are behind him,as it would be nice to celebrate an aussie world beater in road cycling.

like how perko was (apparently) on the footy show tonight!

Agreed- I’m warming to him too.
You’re kidding- I should have watch the footy show!

perko can go on the footy show because he is a full on footy mate

cadel would get laughed off that show in about 15 seconds

true. apparently his (great?) grandpa played for richmond.

^ That’s too bad…

I don’t know if I like Perko, he’s cool but some of my friends who went to school with him say he’s a douche.

If that is the only way of determining character then cadel > perko.

After reading the cadel book I am a fan. He puts his heart on the line an gives it his all. He doesn’t give a shit if people like him and is clean as a whistle.

… all of the people that I went to school will say I’m a douche, have a big head, and that I think I’m too special for them. In fact I think I told them such.

What do they know? Look at me now !!!

p.s. it was a boy’s school

p.p.s. the chicks across the road at the girls school went mad for me, hordes of them obsessed and eager just to be near me

spizzy wins again!

perkins does seem like every other track sprinter / 100m runner / boxer at times.

Agree that cadel seems to have exorcised some of his personality issues