Caleb Ewan

Boy can this kid ride. Jnr World track champion and now a 3rd and 5th in the NSW crits against seasoned pros.

Reckon he’ll make one hell of a climber down the track with his power to weight ratio. Pocket Dynamo! Will be following him closely.

flip the ‘leb’ around and a ‘w’ is like a pair of ‘v’s’


i’ve raced him. he beat me.

An exclusive club, no doubt…

sadly no.

Sometimes it’s fun to beat ourselves.

I’ve been thinking about this for over half an hour and I have no fuckin’ idea what it means.

You know Caleb is Hebrew for dog…

Caleb Ewan = Cadel Evans according to Dxs ‘Theory’

that’s a race i’m always able to win.


dogs are faster than humans?

Apparently once you reach daily double figures, shit gets a bit more difficult…

i used to know this guy called wanking al. we called him wanking al because he wanked a lot, and liked to talk about it. one time he came out into the living room and said, “guess how many times i’ve jerked off today!”
“i don’t wanna know.” I said.
“twelve!” he replied.

i gotta say, i was a little impressed.

Sure man, sure.

Google says it’s not.

Also, Dxs, you’re going on my ignore list for one week for making me think about that shit for so long. So there.

Caleb, from Heb. Kalebh, lit. “dog-like,” from kelebh “dog.”


Must be trolling.

Like 90% of your posts none :wink:

No trolling.

I preferred this thread when it wasn’t concerned with the OP, but rather focused on how many times you can masturbate in one day.

Masturbation > Hebrew grammar