Calendar of Events.

at the moment, mine looks like this:

20th march: trackolympics

22nd march: st kilda cycling club singlespeed / fixed crits

25th march: roller racing at the east brunswick club

27th march: big trouble in little chinatown omnium

18th april: melburn roobaix


and this is just the ‘street’ style events - it doesn’t include racing track or the road…

can we make a ‘calendar’ sticky thread pls admins? i’m having trouble keeping track of all the awesome events coming up. no flyers, no banter, just dates.

What about if the date is always included in the thread title, then you can look at the threads within each city’s Meets forum?

Making a sticky thread has two problems I can think of.

  1. having threads that are supposed to free of crap has never worked in the past. It always ends being filled with irrelevant comments and bullshit (which suggests a sticky thread can only be written and maintained by a moderator

  2. maintaining a sticky thread with all the right dates in it is yet another admin overhead and there isn’t enough of me to go around.

I’m happy to try new things but experience has shown that the general user population can’t be trusted to stay on topic.

Messy link but here’s a calendar:

I can give editing access to anyone who wants it that has a google account. Then there could be a locked & stickied Events thread with a link to the calendar.

Alt, Melbourne Cyclist has a calendar don’t they? Just link to that.

nice work, el diablo. think you could singlehandedly keep it updated? just throw in events from the forum as they appear?

it’s an embaressment of riches in burn city atm…

So, how did you break your arms Brendan? What’s the prognosis for recovery?


what do you mean, man? my arms are fine…

oh, wait.

i see what you did there.


That’s why I’ll give read/write access to anyone with a google account who’s willing to put events in.