Call for advertising support

Hi guys,

I don’t usually ask this - But, several of our advertising supporters have dropped off, and we need to get some relevant banners up on the top right to keep the site running smoothly.

To be completely transparent, you may or may not know that I own the web hosting companies Serversaurus & Dynomesh which power everything - Both Cyclebucket & FoA push a lot of bandwidth every month, not to mention the dedicated virtual machine FoA resides on. We essentially sponsor these sites, as they use real resources.

Anyway, I’m essentially asking: If you work in a bike store, have contacts in the cycling industry who might be interested in advertising with FoA, or if you’re a small make of cycling related things that would like to advertise, please get in touch with me. I’m happy to negotiate on cost, and I really don’t want to do something awful like litter the site with irrelevant Google ads (one of which does run in the footer, but only for users not logged in). You can also support FoA indirectly, if you need web hosting by using one of the above hosts.

Merci! Nick.

Any thoughts / feedback here, or are we all too busy circle jerking in the Pub thread?

Email the shit out of anyone semi cycling related (chrome, knog, bo gear, t.level etcetcetc) with a short blurb on why they are lucky to be offered a chance to sponser a site with x number of views, by their target market. You’ve just given them an easy in to where they want to be, they’ll be thanking you.

Don’t limit yourself to small or large companies, just email away.

I will ask around here Nick!

Good guy Ezy. Ta

Hey mang, a few ideas here
For my theater group, we sell chocolates/charge for our shows. Maybe host an alleycat and everyone gets to pay $10 to keep the site going? Few people on here donate some prizes, some kind person buys a slab, all cities host at once, an adjudicator sends you the dough made! Because selling chocolates wouldn’t exactly work for you, I imagine.

Also, over at, you can be a ‘supporting member’ who has donated some $ like $20 or whatever, and they get some stickers and a fancy title on the forum, and like access to a secret circlejerk section I think.

So I dunno, maybe sell stickers like I would sell chocolates. Whack them on EBay an sell them through there for that kinda stuff.
Also, I’ll set up a business soon and hit you up ASAP, I promise you. Recovering saddles/bag repair/occasional couch things. I just need to, y’know, get off my arse and do some things.

But fuck, I feel like I’m obliged to help you out cos I loves you so much, so yeah.

PS I never sell chocolate I fucking hate it, ergh

NickJ is there a donate function for us lads that buy, sell, gain knowledge from the site and spend more time here than any other site…?

I’ll ask at work. Fuck knows we got masis to sell.

Yes :slight_smile: About | Fixed Gear Australia

We are discussing some stuff along the lines of what the [awesome] dylan has mentioned too.

not even these, Dylan? I thought you’d be into that.

(Sorry mods if this is a breach)

Considering I’m eating a toblerone that went outta date 4 months ago right now, I think it’s safe to presume I’ll put anything chocolatey in my mouth.

On a previous forum, only supporting members could use the for sale section.

Probably worth it for erles eBay finds.

I like this idea drozzy!

This will limit the pool of potential buyers though.
In the end it will be the same 10 people buying and selling each other, each others stuff.

Maybe allow supporting members to list adds, but everyone (including anons) to view/message them?

Interesting idea, difficult to implement surely?

^^ yeah, I didn’t mention that, but I think that could be a good option.

You mean, no different to now?

Pay to sell, but you can view/buy without being a sponsored member could work.

Definitely worth the 10 bucks for some who sells a lot of stuff, ie, everyone here.