calling all foofy basket bikes

Now in stock:

Contact your local VO dealer and hit them up.
Similar in price to the Rivbike shopsack but without the crazy shipping, plus it’s waterproof. Cheaper than the Chrome duffle40 or whatever it’s called and also has a rear pocket. Much cheaper than an ILE or a Swift. Noice.

Forwarded to Lauren.

The zippers are waterproof, so there’s no need for a flap.

Not perfectly accurate. Has laminated zips, and they face up. So it’s gonna handle a shower or a short while in rain, but it’ll start getting wet inside when riding for any greater period in real rain.

There’s a reason the Macpac Prophet and Resolution hardshell jackets still have a flap when many other brands (and Macpac’s lower-end jackets) are resorting to laminated zips. Trying walking in the West Coast of NZ, or in Tassie in winter, with a laminated zip jacket. You don’t stay dry long.

So I’d still rate the Chrome duffle (which is roll-top) or the Ortlieb trunk bag (which has a “TIZIP” real waterproof zip) over this for keeping dry.

serious question what the fuck is a foofy

Please see the foofy porteur thread, James. UTFSFFFS

true, but lets be honest, how many of these will see actual rain :wink:

the bog standard zip on my rivbike bag is a sieve, killed a phone during an overnight rainy ride coz of that.

The chrome is pretty good, and very light. lower ‘understraps’ are a pain, easier to attach it like the VO one is.

Where were you in August 2013 HMC?

fml, still doesn’t answer my question.

Can’t read, don’t even want to.

Has H hijacked your action?

Heh, im here. But agreed ftw is a foofy?
Maybe im out of touch when it comes to beardo, but i thought veloorange stuff was meant to be a bit shite?

generally yes. less so when they just rebadge something.

but it’s hard to stuff up a simple bucketbag… i hope.

$88 is that expensive for a bag?

Not really.

Not compared to Swift etc.