Calling headset nerds.

Trying to find an easier(cheaper) solution than buying a second headset and just raiding the crown race. Have rigid forks and sus forks i’m swapping between a bike on a semi-regular basis. So wanting to keep the crown race on both sets of forks for ease of swap.

Bike has a 1 1/8 FSA orbit MX. with a 36°/36° bearing. Does anyone know other compatible and available races that will work with this headset? Guessing there is a few but seals might be an issue?

Both SCV and casson’s don’t have stock of the FSA one, jenson does but postage is a killer. (or a shop that is liable to have one in stock, havent called the usual suspects yet due to being in training all day)

I have heaps of races at work, I will check tomorrow.