Campag lockring???

Can I use a Miche or Zeus?

Anyone got one cheap?

I got a nice NOS C record one…
Open to offers that are not silly

don’t think so, phil wood are good though

I have got a spare miche one that will fit, can have it at cost plus postage - ie cost of a stamp pm me
About $6 inc postage !

Yeh, Miche will do the trick. Cheap, and holds your cog on.

+1 on Miche. Use one on my Campy hub no problemo. Problem solvered.

Miche’s are fine. The Campagnolo branded lockring is ridiculously expensive if I recall if you want to buy it individually.

stand corrected.

Took ^his advice

+2 on Miche. Hold my cog onto my campy record hub with less passion, but no problem.

The reason I didn’t buy a campy lockring.

The campag lockrings are not as soft a the miche units so I you wana take it on and off a lot campag = win
If you like matchy matchy then campag = win
The little C inside the dimond is pretty nice

Miche ones really aren’t soft and while the campag steel ones are harder, there is a cheaper campag one, which is made of a cheese and aluminum alloy - which is soft… you feel?

Yeah, I’ve taken my Miche one off a bunch of times with no probs.