Campagnolo 10 sp rear derailleur probs

Greetings from Perth
While here on hols I’ve been clocking up the ks on perth’s expansive and empty bike paths. After a particularly brutal 75k bunch ride the other day, this morning I noticed my chorus 10 sp rear derailleur wasn’t shifting into the last two gears.
Before those who know me ask, no, I haven’t crashed it.
After doing about 50ks this morning on my final climb (well, hill) it wasn’t shifting past the first 5 gears.
Is this a problem anyone else has experienced?
It’s a relatively new build on a pelizzoli coppi frame so could it be the cables?
Cheers and I hope everyone’s festivus was fab.

Not enough soul or passion was used when it was made by the Italian artisan wine glass in hand.

Sounds like cable tension to me or sticky cables.

Yeh, as Slinky said, probably a cable tension issue. Campag runs a higher tension than Sram/Shimano, and thus the bedding in of new cables affects the shifting more.

Festivus? Sound like something from the movie The Wicker Man.

I’ll echo the chorus and guess that it’s something to do with your cable housing. Holla at me in the new year and i’ll send you some 4mm brass housing end caps … gratis (that’s latin for grated cheese). Of course you’d be wise to replace the housing at the same time.

Aww, that’s all I came into this thread for.

It was probably made on a mon or fri,
Only buy campy made on tue wed thur.
Same goes with fiats.
More panache mid week

Sorry to disappoint but I knew it’s the most obvious conclusion many would jump to.

Spirito, the Brit Ekland bum slapping dance in The Wicker Man has haunted me since childhood. I loved the twist at the end.

I think the gruppo was made on St Fiacre’s day which might explain its performance.

Will look into the cables. Thanks very much. Now to find a chianti swilling bike mechanic in P Town

Fixed. 5 minute job. Thanks again

I love panache especially with kronenborg just found a new French restaurant near my home that does moules frites and panache awesome summer night food.