Campagnolo Croce D'aune Pedals

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Forgive my ignorance of all things Campagnolo, but are they worth $450.00?
Perhaps Spirito can chime in about now… :slight_smile:

Would love to see hes complete bike if hes pedals are worth 450 :stuck_out_tongue:

I will give them a clean (sorry for the dirty photos) i’m still using them and its been raining (typical Melbourne).

they might fetch that for NOS but i dont reckon they’ll sell at that price…

This should answer any questions:

Happy to post - but would rather pick-up (which is St Kilda - Melbourne)

I just offered him $45.

We should ALL offer him $45

done :D, now everyone help.

(lmao if he was on the forum)

He rejected my offer of $45

I don’t like the way he slags Melbourne weather either. Where has he been the last 10 years?

FYI, he’s not interested in $46 either.



my $45 was declined

(So please no more offers of $45 - if your not going to make a decent offer - please don’t offer at all!!!)


Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.

i really love that this guy is hacking around in the rain on these $450 pedals and is completely open about it

…yet gets annoyed when others question his stupid price

can someone please forward this to bikesnob?

So is someone going to offer him $46? :slight_smile:

been done by ‘lsr’

I shall now all offer him $47. Feel free to do the same.