Campagnolo Sherrif Star Hubs - Perth Gumtree

Not a bad price, i reckon the seller would take less seeing as its not on ebay

Campagnolo Record Track Hubs | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Innaloo

Snap thats a steal

on it


You know i like c record

Usual suspects strike again.

Edit - this is statement rather than a dig!

good work boys

as i said, it should be this forums mission statement to own and protect all the good shit in australia

Man you guys must sit on good coin to snap this shit up, or have no financial commitments!!!

lol almost pulled the trigger… but just bought a couple sets of campy cranks…

bloody mining industry bastards

Hahaha nah im mortgaged but i keep a little fund for this stuff.


F.O.M. = mafia

Teach more your secrets! I’m a slave to mine ATM ha ha

bargain! makes sense now haha


campagnolo record c sheriff star pista fixie vintage bike | eBay

Hate when people get this the wrong way around: “These hubs are a rarity to be put up for sale in australia let alone in any other country.