Campagnolo Wheelset...Super Rare!

for cars that is…=D

kinda wish i had a datto to put these on

Campagnolo 13x6 " Wheels | Car Wheels, Tyres & Rims | Gumtree Kalamunda

would be a bugger to true, but good for bar spins.

would be tough to untrue them…

if only i could find a set in 5x114.3 and 15"

is it the same campagnolo?

Spirito is going to be all over these.

yep, same-same.

there’s a few sets of campy wheels on yjp

This, but 17"… :stuck_out_tongue:

Need to clear my brakes yo!

hmmm, it appears the Pantera had Campy wheels in a 15 x 7" & 8" AND are 5x114.3

I do!