Campy and Shimano Compatibility

After a couple of years without a roadbike, I’ve decided to build one up with some parts I have laying around. I’m going to use shimano 600 ultegra front and rear derailers, and some matching shimano 600 8 speed wheels. I have some campy C record cranks which I want to use but I’m not sure if they are compatible. I’m going to be running the setup with friction shifters if that makes any difference. Anyway, just wanting to know if this setup will run smoothly or if I should just use some other cranks. Thanks guys.

It will probably work if you can find a 8 spd chain that runs smothly on both the campy chainrings and the rear cass you use. The real trouble with front der comes from the slighty diff spacing between the front chainrings but a friction set up may overcome this give it a go. 7 and 8 spd set up can handle a lot more cross compatabilty than 9,10,11 spd systems.

You shouldn’t have any problems, you may have to change chainrings to make sure they’re compatible with the chain.

I’m running my trusty Sugino cranks with 10 speed Campy at the moment on one bike (until I can get a matching crankset). I just picked up some 10 speed chainrings compatible with the bcd. No issues with chainring spacing, just had to get the right bottom bracket to fit. Shifterbikes sorted that for me.

FWIW, I stumbled across a great cyclocross website out there (if I can find the link again!) that has a great listing of what Shimano/Campy/SRAM combos will work together.

No brainer, no trouble at all.

Fantastic, that’s what I wanted to hear. Thanks guys. I’ll post some pics up when it’s all built up.