campy. disc.


7 bolt floating disc centrelock rotor?

I think it looks pretty okay. Gonna be a lot of grumpy purists out there moaning about this tho.


You like to mash them all together Campmano/Shimagnolo style.

Isn’t that just disc brakes in general?

nah, they squeal.


disc brakes are shit end of, this is the end of a long proud tradition of sensations.



Was hoping they stuck to the original plan and worked with Brembo not bloody Magura

a campagnolo disk brake should be a little man with a pot belly zip tied to your seat stay who shoves a rolling pin in your spokes when you want to stop.

^ hence they worked with Magura

Actual Lols

not my work, but did lol.

Needs to be sprinkling some salt.

Got your memes mixed up mate.


Fair call, one I didn’t know.

Works for the second pic but #saltbae works for the first.

Just lost 5 minutes of my life on Salt Bae.