Campy Shamal conversion....

hey guys,

I’m really keen on getting Shamal wheelset, anyone know how to convert the rear hub to track?


Hey mate, I’ve got a similar set up on one of old rims check this link out. The shop is in the UK but there are heaps available all over the place.

Gusset 1-ER Single Speed Conversion Kit | Buy Online |

Good luck, cool wheels

Do you want to fit them to a track frame with 120mm rear spacing?

There will be some old threads on this, the search function is your friend.

Assuming you have a 16-spoke Shamal a common approach that works is to toss the original rear road hub and re-lace the rim to a Miche Primato 16 hole track hub (or a 32 laced to every 2nd hole), or a custom-drilled Phil Wood hub (pricey).

There is an urban myth of sorts floating around about a campag road/track converter but I was never able to track one down. I also exchanged a few emails with a bloke in the US who had custom-machined a converter but he said it was such a pain in the arse he wouldn’t do another one.

Edit: the thing Lokione pasted a link to won’t fit an 8sp campag freehub, the spline pattern is different to shimano.

Hey Captain commuter, yeah I know that exact product wont fit but he’ll get the idea right.

Not really… that’s a single speed conversion unit. He was after track so, as CC posted, re-lacing to a track hub is probably the best bet.

yes, 120 rear spacing

or sell them to me for another raodie.

thanks for that, I’m looking to convert it to track, that converter looks more like a single speed.

i’ll give Miche Primato 16 hole track hub a go, thanks

OK Shamals are pretty and all but if I read your OP correctly you don’t have the Shamals yet? By the time you track down a set of shamals that aren’t borderline fucked in some way, track down a 16H hub, have Shifter Dan or someone else who really knows what they are doing lace it properly … etc etc you’ll have spent quite a few $ and a lot of time and hassle

if you really want them for track use look at a set of these instead. you could probably repaint your bike to match them with the $ you save

just my $0.02

Weld the freehub.

Do that and the ghost of Tullio will surely come for you.

Not as much as he would for lacing a Miche track hub in place of a cassette hub.

i was going to do this for the track, but changed my mind.

so i’ll be getting road tubular shamals built to the original campy road hubs (with cassette) very soon. should be up for sale next week as i’ve got bills to pay.

now to research and figure out how much i want for them…spirito, feel free to advise me of what you think they’re worth :wink:

hey krayziest, i’ve got a set of 32h miche primato track hubs if you do wanna go down that path. you would obviously need to lace these to every second hole if you wanna use them on 16 hole rims. $100 brand new in box. plus postage if you’re not in melbzzzzzz

Dunno, prices have been all over the place for these so it’s bit hard to gauge or estimate. What i do know is that I regret selling mine as they were one of the sweetest wheelsets I ever rode on and great lookers too.

hear that everyone??? someone should definitely buy them from me.

if these were clinchers i’d keep them for sure.

but road tubs i don’t see myself ever needing.

oh, yeah, i also cut my finger rather badly and haven’t been able to work at my cafe job for two mondays in a row, so i kinda need the cash. gotta pay dem biiiiiiiiiilllz

edit - thanks by the way :slight_smile:

I think I saw two different sets of road tubs go for $299-$399 so road tub prices are really hit and miss at the moment.
But those ones with a track hub conversion went for $1000 so go figure.

IME it depends a lot on the condition of the rims. If they’ve been used on the road much the braking surface (such as it is) could be well scarred and difficult to polish up to something that doesn’t forever look like crap.

I went through the exercise a couple of years ago, lovingly polished and refurbed a set of 16 spoke road shams with the intention of converting them to track. In the end I couldn’t bring myself to bastardise them so I sold them on to someone here (can’t remember who) for a road resto.

low flange 16h miche hub from hillbrick costs $96 shipped

that’s what he told me when i asked him about them