Campy single vs dual pivot calipers

I’m about to get a new pair of brake calipers for my road build, and I’m looking at chorus. I have the choice between having two dual pivot calipers front and rear or double pivot at the front and single pivot at the rear. From what I understand dual pivot is easier to setup, but some say that single pivot at the rear is better cos the wheel is less likely to lock when braking at speed. Others say that they’re happy with the superior baking power of the dual pivot calipers.

Also price is similar, weight is similar with both systems for chorus.

Anybody with experience in both systems able to share their impressions/give advice before I press the 'buy’button? Ta.

Single gives more tyre clearance usually if that’s an issue.

Having ridden both, but not for a decent ride, I’d buy single if the price is the same.

also that you get more power from the DP where you need it, and less at the rear where it’ll just lock up the wheel.

Running dual/single on both my Baums - Super Record & Centaur.
The wife is running dual/single on her Orbea & is happy with the setup.
I run dual pivot on the Soma mainly because of the look of the brake but don’t thinking the braking helps that much.
If you ride in bunches a lot I’d go dual/single as the lighter braking on the rear is useful.

Dual from what I hear is better for bigger guys as it has power and they are less likely to lock up the tyres than a light guy,
I was running dual/single sr11
I’m currently running centaur and they are still bloody good, had to get cheap set to run till the new ee’s are available this month.

Just get disc

FWIW I went for the dual front/single rear, given I’m a small guy and this bike will be used for bunch rides and crits.
Plus tire clearance not an issue, skinnies and no guards on this bike. Thanks all!

Somewhat heavier than most, I am still happy using dual/single* but with a pad upgrade. Koolstop Salmons, for example.

*the solid, pre-skeleton ones.