Campy Timeline

I’m sure somebody has done this elsewhere better than I have, but here is a Campy timeline I knocked up as I was getting confused with what went where.

I didn’t include the 50th Anniversary stuff, nor did I seperate the Record group into the Pista sub-groups.

I was only interested in 80’s and 90’s, so anything beyond that is out of my scope.

Roughly, the best stuff is at the top working down. Most of the dates are from Velobase, but it’s all pretty sketchy. For instance, there was a Triomphe headset that was still being offered long after the rest of the Triomphe group had been discontinued.

Anyway, feel free to make any corrections:

Pretty sure Veloce was available in the ninetys, would be awesome to bring this all the way to present.

Where have you been all my life! Beautiful representation - KISS!

edit: That may come across wrong - Keep It Simple Stupid

Where’s the Campagnolo MTB stuff?? Euclid, Olympus, Icarus and Themis :slight_smile:

XX <3

I left that for you, O.

Daytona? The groupset that had to be renamed :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty sure that was later than the 2000 cut off, my dayton is 10speed. I have/had from memory Veloce, Daytona, Centaur and Chorus.

^ Yeah 2000 at the earliest, spawned from Athena, then became Centaur.

Your source (Velobase) isn’t always accurate (most people are well meaning but don’t know shit). There’s a few mistakes, the speeds/cutoffs overlapped and I was using Daytona in '99 (9 speed).

^ Yeah I know it’s not super-accurate, meant to be more of a guide than anything. Shit, I don’t think Campagnolo even knew what was or wasn’t available at any particular time. But if there’s any gleaming errors, let me know.

My previous roadie was purchased in 2002 with Centaur 10 speed.
Same year Daytona was renamed Centaur according to Blakeyplz posted timeline.
This is strange as I’ve seen several references to 9 speed Centaur.

Continuity problems…

Catalogs - Catalog Scans

Yeah I kind of started with that, but wanted to see the heirarchy and how they all overlapped.

is there anywhere that shows the heirachy and the main improvements/differences on each?

Time? Passion is not constrained by such simple concepts

I thought they might have done a chart like this in that Campag 75th anniversary book. Missed opportunity - it’s a coffee table book and not much more.

Shittest book ever.