Can anyone hook me up with someone from the U.S.A

My only friend (of a friend) from the states just came back to Australia (TAS), can anyone hook me up with someone that would be willing to receive and re-post me a rear hub from there to Melbourne, ebay seller will only post to US states, i would be more than happy to compensate them for their troubles.

or alt anyone been using a freight forwarder?

I’ve recently used for a complete bike. It worked out really well price-wise but the prices for lower weight items is not nearly as good. Still, it’s an option.

Yes, like BONGO…you do not want to bother people with something as small as a hub.
The good companies will even keep all of your items until you are ready to ship, even items from different sellers…that way
you can have them sent together and save on shipping. They also send a photo of the items before shipping, so if something is funky you
can make a claim before the goods come to Australia…