Can anyone put me up in Adelaide for the 23rd - 27th of January next year


Can anyone offer me a couch/bed for the above dates? I’ll also need to jam up your living space with two sweet show bikes.
Plus I’ll need to park the Saab somewhere

I can offer witty conversation and some beer in return!

I can tick all your boxes!

But I have an unremarkable personality so if you like math-rock and unique portaging methods you might want to look elsewhere.

I’d stay with dashTim. He seems normal enough.

and he’s got a fucken BMX in the guest room.

Coopers or West End?

BMX had to move on considering I hadn’t raced it in over a year. It has been replaced by my Tommasini / CX rig but Lil just rearranged so got to sort it out again. #firstworldproblems

Sounds good! I’ll be in contact soon

lug city at tims house lets have a lug bbq/party!

I’ll strap some beers to my bike somehow! Maybe I’ll strap a rack to my seat post and strap a bag to that and carry the beers in my backpack on my back!

you could also invite yourself!


Wait what? I thought by you announcing it on a public forum WAS my invite. Oh well

everyone else is invited

See you there.


bbq venue changed

At your house for the BBQ.

you can go to my house if you want but thats not where the lug festival will be taking place (secret location, map to be handed out at the also secret meeting point to invitees only)

Will lugs be provided or is it BYO lugs?

So I am all sorted to stay in Adeliade but I have a mate who is keen to drive down with me.

Good guy, anyone able to put him up from Wednesday night to Monday morning next week?

Can’t help sorry, already got a Rooster and Turtle staying at my house.