Can I fit a derailleur to my SS MTB?

This is what the dropout looks like on my Charge Duster frame.

It’s got an eccentric BB (it’s a real weirdo, even wears a cravat). I’m not completely opposed to the idea of running SS, but I can’t see - beyond a bodge - how I can fit an RD.

Can you?


Use your torch and put a different dropout on?

use a torch and put a dangler hangler on that dropout?

alternatively get one of these:

It’s an option, but it snot an easy dropout to replace ATMO. It’s tig welded in and not brazed, so cutting and grinding it out would be hard, and I don’t know how it would effect the metal.

Zach; that’s great! Ta.


Internal hub would probs be easier yo.

^ And more in keeping with your beardo aesthetic

I’m replacing the Rohloff yo! Rohloff looks like it’s going on the Bullitt!