Can I remove a small dent?

Hi all,

My beloved frame has a small dent. Maybe 2-3mm wide, and very shallow. On the seat tube, about 2/3 way up from the BB.

It probably won’t affect the integrity of the frame (In fact, sure it won’t) but it just bugs me. I have no idea how it got there (rock? no piant chips, though).

Is there anyway to remove it w/out repainting - maybe from the inside, somehow?

if you can get a prybar up in there u should be able to push it up if not ull need to fill it and respray

Thanks Snakie… would it be worthwhile (possible?) to get someone who knows what they are doing to do it? I’d hate to muck up the frame even more…

I doubt that you would be able to slide anything down the tube and push out the dent without causing more damage to the frame. Take it to the closest frame builder and get them to look at it if it really bothers you.

well if ur in brisbane im a panel beater spraypainter so i could do it if you want

How much you charge for a paint job?

take the biggest hammer you can find…

price for a paint job varies alot on what ur asking for.

i sand blast the frames if you want repair dints and spray them
decals can be put on and cleared over the top or decals can be sprayed on depending on what you are after and detail.

price depends on detail of the job for example colours graphics decals if decals need to be produced.

just send me a picture of what you want and i can quote accordingly thanks