Can I use brakes with Deep V's?

Hey all, as the title states, can I use brakes if I change my wheels over to deep V’s?

I had a look at the velocity B43 and it says it has no braking surface… does that mean I cant use brakes with them? or I can but it just wont stop like it should? any suggestions for a cheapish V rim? thanks

You can use brakes on a rim with no machined braking surface, but obviously they won’t perform as well.
Be aware some of the B43 and Deep V rims are powder coated- this makes braking really poor until you wear through to the metal.
You can get machined sidewalls for Deep V

You can use brakes with both machined (designed for a brake) and non-machined (not designed for a brake). Machined rims will stop much better than non machined, usually because the latter are painted, rather than prepared metal.

So either way you will be fine, but braking will be much better with a machined side wall. A good bet is just a simple Velocity deep V, Mavic Open Pro, or similar.

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Cool beans. This site has been so helpful so far. lol

I read somewhere that I can semi sand down the clear from the edges so the brakes work better? any truth in that? I saw someone with a B43 that appears to have a machined sidewall for the brakes. Might ask him about it!

I have a non-machined deepV on the front of my SS cross-beater and works fine. Pretty much worn through the colour now.

As for braking performance, hard to say as my canti’s don’t seem to stop shit anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: See my avatar for the wheel in question and the now apparent brake surface.

anodise or powdercoat finish will disappear after you run the brake long enough.

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I imagine the brake pad has just ‘machined’ through the paint.
Best thing to do is ride in the wet- the grit from the road will get between the brake pad and rim and you’ll be down to the metal in no time. Just be careful at the start though because the powdercoat has a tendency to ‘grab’ when you brake.

My opinion is to get the Deep V over the B43. B43 doesn’t have much going for it.

I used to ride a b43 with non machined brake wall. It was useless in the wet, in the dry it was fine, but the wet it just didn’t stop. And it was well worn through the paint.

Cool beans. I’ll mostly be riding this in the dry. I have the MTB for rainy days…

Looking at that I will probably just get the Deep V. I can get it with machined sidewalls. lol

How much do deep v’s usually go for? on king of the mountain cyclery they’re 200++ but its the gold anodized ones. I just want white or orange ones lol

god I feel a deva vu thing happening

hey LoveB, I have found velomine to be ok price wise. except shipping is a bit pricey.

here are some deep v’s in white. They only have a machined side wall on the front though but for 165$

Velocity Deep V White Fixed Gear Track Wheelset 32H CNC Front [RHCTH CHB] - $165.00 : Velo Mine, fixed gear track bike wheelsets campagnolo super record vintage bike

I run non machined deep Vs with a front brake. Mine are ‘bright silver’ anodised. They work fine, in the wet or dry.

I didn’t need to attach sandpaper to my calipers to wear them in, but I might have done if they were powdercoated.

deep Vs will give you a better braking surface that b43 because of their profile.

Thanks guys. Super helpful. Gonna check out some I saw online tmrw and see how I go. Atleast the basic info I need is there. if its powdercoated It’ll suck until its worn through and deep V’s will be better than the B43.

Brakes are overrated anyways herp derp
b43’s and aerospoks 4 lyfe

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as much as i like this particular noob - so respectful! - someone should’ve told him to use the search function.

Anodised will be fine with brakes.
Powdercoated is highly not reccommended, especially if they were wet.
You sand a sidewall yourself, you void the warranty.

Deep V’s Non Machined is fine.
B43’s will work, but have a tapered sidewall, so pad adjustment is required.

Like everyone said, this happens:

And its not that good in the wet.

Thanks Adam. Those really help. :slight_smile: looks like I’ll just get the Deep V’s with a front brake and b43 for the rear or soemthing.

Familyguy, are those 43s? :slight_smile:


No, just a generic deep V type rim (that was) fully powdercoated black.

Cool beans. I’ll probably just get one with a machined wall. or learn to stop without brakes O_O

Theres some on ebay now for like 100 or so. used ofcourse but I suppose they’ll do the job