Can someone tell me what kind of frame this is?

Fixed Gear Bicycle - with Vintage Track Frame | eBay

I need a new daily commuter. Is this a good deal? What kind of frame is it and should I bid?

geo looks slack, and lots of fork rake… reminds me of a path racer.

And it all depends on what you want from your commuter. Gears, Rack, gaurds, panniers etc??

It’s up you if you want to bid, as a commuter I,d rather a shop bike like the 2011 Schwinn Madison at $599.

But even that wouldn’t make an ideal commuter as it has minimal options for the Rack, gaurds, panniers etc…

Meh it’s got some ok parts it’s pretty small.
What size are you after?
I’d wait and find something better.

Looks like it was built for 27" wheels. In saying that I dunno if you should bid or not. Parts list looks alright but if I had 400 I’d probs wait til after Xmas when people are gonna be clearing shit out/need cash so bargains might popup!

I just looked, but this frame has the same lugs as the pinkish hoffy in the hoffy thread.

i just need a bike since mine was flogged. i need a 54-55 cm frame. my old bike was a self built track fixie and after spending loads of time and money on it i want to buy one that is just as good if not better and ready to roll.
im not fussed about racks etc just needs to be a lightweight fixed gear bike.I am ready to drop about 600 on it just before / around xmas so i can ride around like an orphan over the holidays. if anyone finds something like this leme know.
so to clarify this is probably NOT a japanese frame like a keirin or something?

Probably not, and it’s probably smaller than 54/55! Someone posted up a nice bike from Perth gumtree in a thread somewhere for 400! I’d chase that up!

so many bikes got s link??

Try a fuji classic track or fuji feather.
I think gear does them new for $600 ish check their site.
Best bang for buck and better commuting geo.

A friend just bought said Fuji Feather off these guys recently, at about the same price.

whenever anyone talks about ‘bang for buck’ i always end up disagreeing with them because of this baby:

reynolds 520 tubing and weinmann dp18s for 300, done deal.

^^ This aint too bad, but I still feel I need to go for something better. Ive been riding fixed for awhile now and take pride in my rides. I need a whip not an entry level machine.

Fuji feathers not bad but my friend has one and we cant have that eh.

And the crappiest looking geo(lazy), that makes the tubeset factor null and void.

true, geo is slack
but still, nothing wrong with that. just a more relaxed, less twitchy ride

Looks too much like the reids, mojos etc… Fujis are nicer,except this years model is downspecced to a p/point with shitty parts and a hiyen fork.

The original bike looks like it was built for 27" wheels… More of a path racer than true tarck fixxxay.


If you take pride in your whips you might like to consider spending more than $600 on it.

This is an unfortunate truth, save up another 600 and you could put together something pretty nice. In the meantime get a cheap beater running, it’ll be handy to have anyway.